Tangent Wash for Denim

If you own a pair of denim jeans or jackets, it's vital to take proper care of them. And while you won't wash them as often as other pairs, when you do, having a wash like this one can make a massive difference. This Tangent Denim Wash ($25) will clean your jeans or jacket without eating into the cotton fibers and does not contain any corrosive alkalis. Each bottle contains mild sugar surfactant, and essential orange oils, and can help lengthen the life of any piece of denim in your collection. Check out some of the other products on Tangent.

300 ml.

30% Aqua, 5-15% coconut alcohol sulphate (anionic surfactant), sugar surfactant (nonionic surfactant), <5% alcohol, sodium chloride, soya bean lecithin, citrate and essential oils from orange (limonene and linalool).

Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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