Cleverly Wrinkle and Liquid Free Blazer

Cleverly Blazer

Now this is a stylish blaze. Let me introduce the Cleverly - A 10+ Pocket Wrinkle-Free Liquid Repellent Blazer. . Stay comfortable and dapper in any situation. Crafted with the same premium fabrics use by the world’s leading fashion brands, the Crafted Cleverly blazer is durable and the most innovative blazer on the market. Unlike traditional blazers, the Cleverly blazer requires zero maintenance, liquid repellent, 4-way full stretch, machine washable, and even 10 built-in pockets to hold all your daily essentials.

Cleverly Blazer 10 pockets

You never know what life could hit you with, however, our Cleverly blazer is ready to shield you from all those unknowns. Our blazer is crafted with a special coating technology to protect you from any liquids whether it’s water, wine, sauce, coffee, or those deadly condiments. Eat each meal freely and fearlessly because our Cleverly blazer is liquid and stain repellent.

Cleverly Blazer Liquid Free

The Cleverly blazer is made of polyester and elastane; which is commonly used for athletic wear. Elastane enhances the garment by making it flexible so the wearer can keep their full range of motion and retains the original shape of the blazer with 4 way full stretch for extended durability. The Cleverly blazer is made for the modern men with a fast-paced active lifestyle.

Cleverly Blazer Stretch Wear

It’s the blazer for the modern man with more than 10 Cleverly hidden pockets. There is an interchangeable 2 in 1 Tablet pocket, to put an iPad and notebook in the large pocket or separate it into two smaller pockets to hold even more by using the built-in velcro strap.

Cleverly Blazer 10 Pockets

Everything is meticulously designed to hold every you need without the look or feel of being weighed down. So check out their Kickstarter to get more information.

Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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