Handsewn Shoes & Boots

Hypebeast guy or gal avert your eyes now. Sure they're on the pricey side but you'll have them for life and their style is timeless. These are some of the sexiest shoes that you've never heard of. Our friends at SimpleThreads.co recently introduced us to this fine American classic. Hand crafted in Maine, New England Outerwear Co. creates some of the most comfortable and classically fashioned kicks that I have had the luxury of wearing. Best of all it's a product made in the USA.

The design is traditional and branding minimal, this is not the shoe that you wear for everyone else to notice. This is a hand made work of art that uses only the best materials that can be sourced locally. The shoes are meant to last a lifetime, it's best put in their words "We don't compromise on anything, we are committed to making a pair for you that fits great, wears well, and will be with you for years (with, maybe, a few resoles in between)".

What do you think, splurge worthy huh? Feel free to check out their site here and show them some love.


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