Trendy Butler September Review Edition

Welcome to September 2016 Edition Review of Trendy Butler Subscription! This is now my fourth month so far. Please check below where I review each item that I received. Before I get into that let me tell you a little about Trendy Butler.

Trendy Butler is a subscription based company and for $65 a month you get clothing worth $150+ and you get designer style clothes with a huge discount every month. Here’s how it works: You take a style quiz, and you get a box of 1-3 menswear items that you get to keep each month. Simple!

Let's Get Started on the Review:

In this month's bag I received two items. The first item was a pair of Kano Knit Denim Pant ($100) by Cohesive and Co.   These pants were designed and constructed for the modern day hustler. It is made with 70% cotton, 28% polyester and 2% spandex and let me tell you.  You can feel the polyester and the spandex feel in the pants. They only come in small, medium and large, which can cause them not to fit correctly.  I'm all about getting pants and I do like this companies clothing, however these ones didn't hit the spot for me.  To loose and the feel is a little off.  It doesn't mean that they won't work for your style but for me I'm not sure it fits my modern day hustler feel. 

The second item I received was a Civil Society: Men's Long Sleeve Woven Salmon Shirt. I actually really like this button down. The color hits the spot for me and let me tell you guys you can wear a salmon color shirt. The button down also has a slick looking pocket on the front and a snap button at the bottom to give it a different look. This button down is a timeless piece for both casual and formal occasions, perfect for the modern man who craves a professional wardrobe. I'm not sure on the pricing but I would average it at about $65 to $80.

Hope you enjoyed this review and I wanted to give another shout out to Trendy Butler for their continued support and services on Upscale Geek

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Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.


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  2. They were a medium and they didn't fit me. They would fit someone with a 34 waist. Mine is 30 waist.

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