Trendy Butler Subscription August Edition Review

Welcome to August 2016 Edition Review of Trendy Butler Subscription! This is now my third bag and again they just keep getting it right! Please check below where I review each item that I received. Before I get into that let me tell you a little about Trendy Butler.

Trendy Butler is a subscription based company and for $65 a month you get clothing worth $150+ and you get designer style clothes with a huge discount every month. Here’s how it works: You take a style quiz, and you get a box of 1-3 menswear items that you get to keep each month. Simple!

So here we go with the review:

In this installment I received three items each with their own qualities and comfort. The first item I received was a pair of Blue Indigo Stretchy Shorts from J.A.C.H.S. Co.   Made from peached stretch sateen fabric crafted in there classic Bleecker fit short. These shorts are so comfy and soft to the touch and fit perfect. It's hard sometimes to find that perfect fitting shorts.  They are either to tight/loose or to long/short.  These ones hit the spot and since Florida is heavy on the heat these will be getting some good use.  They retail for $75 and are currently on sale on J.A.C.H.S Co. for $45.00. Highly recommend these shorts. 

Blue Indigo Stretchy Shorts from J.A.C.H.S Co.

The second item I received was a Muralla Grey Short Sleeve Henley Shirt from Cohesive & Co. I'm becoming a big fan of this company and their clothes.  A little on the expensive side, but you do get what you pay for with them. As I've said in my first review of Trendy Butler that I'm not a fan of the long big shirts, however this one is a huge exception.  It goes great with the shorts and has the right length and fit to be a shirt I will wear a lot with other outfits. The going rate on this shirt is $88. 

Muralla Grey Short Sleeve Henley Shirt from Cohesive & Co.

The last and final item I received was a pair of Atlas Purple and Grey Dress socks by Ministry of Supply.  These socks rock!  They're so form fitting and soft and you feel like the sock's are like a soft pair of slippers that hug your feet. These socks have a 4-way stretch Atlas fabric and are coffee-infused to control odor and also have wicking channels to control the moisture. These socks will run you about $15 a pair. 

Atlas Purple and Grey Dress socks by Ministry of Supply

I also thought in this post that I would show the readers a little of how the outfit came together minus the socks. Hope you enjoyed this review and I wanted to give a nice shout out to Trendy Butler for their continued support and services on Upscale Geek

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Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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