Trendy Butler Subscription July Edition Review

Welcome to the July
Edition Review of Trendy Butler. This is my second bag and it was packed with some amazing GQ style clothes.  Please see below about each item that was received. Before I get into that let me tell you a little about Trendy Butler.

Trendy Butler is a subscription based company and for $65 a month you get clothing worth $150+ and you get designer style clothes with a huge discount every month. Here’s how it works: You take a style quiz, and you get a box of 1-3 menswear items to keep each month.

So here we go with the review:

The first item that I got in my bag was from Cohesive & Co and let me tell you these Chino Bono black pants are just the best. The quality on these fit the bill in design and comfort.  The light grey and blue dots give it a nice touch, whether on the front pocket, back pockets and even on the inside of the pants.  These are the type of pants that you can dress up or down and still look great. I do apologize but I wasn't able to find the retail value but from the quality I'm going to guess $125-$100. I would also check out their site due to they have a good collections of men's apparel.  

The second item that I received was another Cohesive & Co, however this was from their Signature Collection. This Belmont Dark Blue style button down is super nice and fitted.  The lowered collar and lined front pocket gives this shirt a more defined style.  This is also another shirt that would look great dress up or with a nice part of jeans.  If you put both the Chino pants and this shirt together, you will be stopped a lot and told how great you look. It happens, I promise! The retail value I couldn't find either.  I would guess it would retail at $60 -80. 

 The third item was a bonus item by Hyden Yoo.  This color blocked tee is both casual and refined.  It's got a stretchy and heavy feeling to it, although it is very soft on your skin. This one is a dark grey with a light grey combo compared to the one on their site. The retail value on this shirt is $60. Check out Hyden Yoo on their website.

So to wrap up this review of the Trendy Butler Bag from July.  I have to say for the second time they have been on point.  This whole bag had a different style category from last month, however it was more dressed up and I can wear this more in different settings than last month. 

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Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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