The Classic Men's Razor Redesigned

RZR Razor

The Classic Men's Razor redesign has been created by Dutch industrial designer Patrick Schuur. Since there is no product combining both beauty and comfort Patrick and his team decided to make it themselves. Inspired by the beauty of the early safety razor they designed the RZR – a shaving system stripped down to its bare essentials.

The RZR is made of titanium also known as surgical steel. With the strongest material available and no moving parts in the design you will get a lifelong warranty on the holder. Since the disposable premium quality blades are made of metal only they are simply separated in the waste cycle by a magnet and recycled. You don’t have to do anything and can still feel good about your eco-footprint.

The RZR comes with a lifetime warranty and is therefore a sustainable, long-term purchase. The price is set to $100 for the RZR and $1.70 for a RZR-blade. Head over to Kickstarter to view the project in full.

all images courtesy of RZR

Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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