The Rolling of the Sleeves - The How and Why

The task seems simple enough, but when done correctly, in the right contexts, it announces manual dexterity and a masculinity rugged, relaxed attitude.  Here I give a small guide to present you with the whys and hows of rolling up your sleeves. Sometimes it’s appropriate to roll up your sleeves.

Here are three reasons to roll up your sleeves:

1. Hot Outside -- Rolling up your sleeves when it’s hot allows air to make direct contact with your skin, thus cooling you down.

2. Rugged Style -- Rolling up your sleeves makes you look like you busted your ass all day at work and deserve that after work drink.

3. Casual Style -- If you’re going out and want to have some casual appearance behind your outfit, roll up your sleeves. Showing “too much effort” isn’t always the best option.

Once you find the right style, there are three ways to roll up your sleeves.

The Worker

First unbutton all sleeve buttons. After overcoming that hurdle, flip back your cuff so it’s inside-out. Repeat that process until your sleeve rests below your elbow. Perfect, now you have elbow pads just in case you need to rest your arms on a table.

Off the Clock 

Once again, begin with the oh-so-difficult task of unbuttoning your sleeves and flipping your cuff back. Next, fold the cuff over and tuck it behind your sleeve, thus creating a band of fabric. Lastly, tuck the corners of your cuff into the band of fabric. Make sure the rolled up sleeve rests in between your wrist and elbow.

The Expert 

If you haven’t figured out the first step by now, I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can do for you. Instead of folding the cuff after flipping it over, pull it back and stop just below your elbow. Fold the bottom of the inside-out portion of your sleeve until it covers the bottom of your cuff.

Now you look just a rugged as James Dean and you can show off your causal or rugged look of a masculine man.

Illustration credit:

Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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