Fabric Nature2x: Absorbs Sweat for the No Damp or Smelly Pants

Nature2x Pants
If you're someone who likes to ride your bike or jog to work, then these pants would be for you. Nature2X have come up with trousers made from a fabric that combines four kinds of fibre, so they can absorb sweat without becoming damp or smelly. Nature2X material used in the ‘No Sweat Pants’ is made from Tencel, polyester, cotton and spandex It means keep-fit enthusiasts who cycle or jog to work can get on with their day without having to change into office trousers.

Nature2x Material

They claim to combat bacteria from sweat, so can be worn around 15 times before they need washing – twice a month if worn daily. The trousers, which come in three styles for men, will be on sale online early next year for $150.00 a pair. Check out DU/ER performance kickstarter to check out the campaign and start backing today to get your "No Sweat Pants".

Nature2x Pant colors

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