Scentbird Men's Cologne Subscription

Scentbird Subscriptions

For those guys out there that like to switch cologne's a lot then this is for you.  No more big bottles all over your dresser or spending $80 to $150 a month for a new cologne. Try Scentbird Men Subscription ($15 Monthly). Each month they deliver your cologne straight to your home.  They have over 350 different cologne's and niche scents. Each bottle they send can produce up to 120 sprays and comes with a reusable case and each month you can change or stay with that lady killer smell.   If you subscribe to this service, they even give you your second month free.  So find out more information over at Scentbird.

Scentbird Cologne and Case

Damion S.

Director of Upscale Geek &The Collective Loop.

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